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SEPTA AT&T Station


SEPTA updated NRG Station (formerly AT&T station) to LED lighting.

During the summer of 2015, SEPTA upgraded the lighting at the AT&T station using LED Smart’s FLB series products.

The AT&T station within Philadelphia’s sports complex services all three major sports arenas. The Philadelphia Phillies Citizens Bank Park, the Eagles Lincoln Financial Field, and the Flyers/76ers Wells Fargo Center. Tis is one of the largest stations in the SEPTA terminal subway system, seeing massive crowds of people throughout the year.

The clear advantage to retrofitting to LED lighting is the reduced power consumption. This system saves approximately 50% over the traditional fluorescent system. This is estimated to save 643 Tons of carbon production due to the energy savings. Additionally, the lamps need to be replaced less frequently, which also contributes to the additional maintenance savings.

Another objective of SEPTA’s is to have well maintained stations. Effectively to reduce the rate of maintenance in the stations, and reduce the number of lights that burn out. This is a achieved with the long life of the LED lighting system that is designed to outlast the previous fluorescent systems.


Energy Savings

643 Tons

Reduced Carbon Footprint

(Carbon Tons or Watts)


Lamps Installed

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