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Amtrak saved over 90% energy when compared to the traditional lamps, which also deliver a 10x longer life.

Since 2016, Amtrak saved 90% energy when compared to the previous halogen lamps that were used for reading lights. This reduction in power to the reading lights, allowed Amtrak to use the power for other new systems, like on-board WIFI and security systems.

Amtrak requested that the light be a narrow beam angle, to shine only on the users seat, while not disturbing their neighbor. LED Smart delivered, with a narrow 20° beam angle focus lens.

During this upgrade, the difficult task to make such a tiny bulb easily accessible for the maintenance staff was required. Thus the unique shape of the lamps. The upper, ridged edge, allows for the installer to handle and twist the lamp into place, without any special tools.

Amtrak installed more than 52,000 lamps to date, across the entire fleet.


Energy Savings


Reduced Carbon Footprint

(Carbon Tons or Watts)


Lamps Installed

'the maintenance workers love the easy installation and long life of the product'

'the passengers enjoy the soft white light output with no harsh glares'

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