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Beginning in 2009 with the Hudson-Bergen line, NJ Transit was one of the earliest adopters of LED Lighting technology within a USA fleet. Saving more than 45% of their electricity.

One of the earliest adopters of LED Lighting technology in the transportation industry NJ Transit, started to install the LED lighting system in 2009, on all of their Kinkisharyo cars. Working through budget constraints, the whole fleet of Kinkisharyo cars was eventually converted by 2015. Replacing almost 3,000 lamps within their fleet.

When tested against the previously installed fluorescent lighting system, they were able to save over 41,300Watts per day.

The retrofit of the full fleet will see a savings of over 240,000W, which is estimated to save approximately $21,000 per year* on electricity alone. Additional savings have been seen in the reduced maintenance and labor costs over the life of the products.

*based on 16-hours per day usage @ $0.089/KWH


Energy Savings

82.92 Tons

Reduced Carbon Footprint

(Carbon Tons or Watts)


Lamps Installed

"so easy to install"

"brightens up the car and improves rider safety confidence"

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