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NYCT MTA - Interior Rail Car Conversion


Starting in 2018, the NYCT installed the LED Smart lighting system for the Alstom, Bombardier and Kawasaki R142, R142A, and R160 cars.

Starting in 2018, the New York City Transit department began to install LED Smart, custom LED lighting system to retrofit their Alstom, Bombardier and Kawasaki R142, R142A, and R160 cars. MTA NYCT is in the process of retrofitting these 3,138 cars with the best in LED technology, the LED Smart RLR Series.

Custom designed 28" lamps were produced with a 'star' power end cap, unique to MTA. As well as two other more standard rail sizes, in 48" and 72" lamps. Replacing over 22,600 lamps thus far.

The retrofit performed so far will see a savings of over 400,000W per day, which is estimated to save approximately almost $280,000 per year* on electricity alone. Additional savings will be seen in reduced maintenance labor costs over the expected 5-7 year lifetime.

Riders have commented that the refitted car have a much cleaner and brighter appearance.


Energy Savings

803.92 Tons

Reduced Carbon Footprint

(Carbon Tons or Watts)


Lamps Installed

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