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Beginning in 2017, RTD has been converting their Siemens SD-100 and SD-160 cars, with the custom RLR series lamps.

Beginning in 2017, the Regional Transportation District of Denver, Colorado began the retrofit of their Siemens SD-100 and SD-160 light rail vehicles using LED Smart’s linear LED Rail lighting system. Utilizing a custom RLR-60" series for their direct fixture retrofit. Installing more than 2,300 lights to date as this project continues. RTD is committed to a environmentally friendly future , that will reduce their carbon footprint and improve the rider experience.

The retrofit performed so far will see a savings of over ­1,000,000W per day, which is estimated to save approximately almost $98,000 per year* on electricity alone. Additional savings will be seen in reduced maintenance labor costs over the products’ lifetime.

*based on 16-hours per day usage @ $0.098/KWH


Energy Savings

650 Tons

Reduced Carbon Footprint

(Carbon Tons or Watts)


Lamps Installed

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